High temperature velocity sensor V-318-HT2

Price on request

Features /Advantages:

- - Loop-powered

- 4-20 mA output signal proportional to velocity ( monitoring )

- Broadband output signal proportional to velocity (diagnostics)

- Connection independent to polarity

- Can be connected to PCL, DCS, 4-20 mA monitors

- MIL connector compatible

- Short-time overheat resistant

- Advanced stability detector

- Build-in thermal shock protection

- Low-pass noise protection

- Hermetic sealed casing



Measurement range:

4-20 mA output signal, proportional to measurement vibration parameter

Frequency response:

    стандартно - 10-1000Hz ( standard) or custom (optional)

  Mounting sensitivity axis orientation:


  Excitation voltage:

    : 10-30V DC, independent polarity

  Isolation resistance:


  Connector type:

    2 or 3 pin MIL-connector

  Maximum load resistance:

     RL = 50*(Usup-10VDC) Ohm

  Temperature range:

    -40°С to +125°С charge amplifier

    -40°С to +325°С sensor

    -40°С to +250°С cable

  Cable length:

    5 meters*

  Casing material:

    12X18H10T (stainless steel)

  Enclose rating:

    IP 65

Hazardous area specification:



    Cable length can be ordered from 3 to 8 meters on request